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Serial is BACK!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 10th, 2018

Before Serial, I didn’t even know what a podcast was. It was the series that set the entire investigative true crime genre in podcasting on fire and started my love affair/mild obsession with podcasts. They’ve been many that have come and gone since (including a second series which was mildly disappointing) but none have been as good as the original.


There have, however, been some that have come pretty damn close. Aussie series The Teacher’s Pet, Trace and Phoebe’s Fall were all amazing, as well as the incredible Dirty John, which had our whole team glued to their ear phones at every available moment.

So you can imagine how excited I was to read that Serial AND Wondery, the team behind Dirty John, both have new podcasts for those of us who’ve been gagging for more – and they sound awesome.

Here’s the lowdown on both –

Serial Season Three – The folks at Serial are switching gears a little with their latest offering. Instead of the focus being on one particular case, Sarah Koenig and co are delving into the complex American criminal justice system by exploring a new case in each episode. Set in Cleveland, Ohio, the series promises a look at a wide range of crimes, their ensuing court cases and how they’re treated from the inside out. For an entire year, Sarah and her team followed these stories with access to EVERYTHING – the court room, the prosecutor’s office, prison, homes, judges’ chambers, literally everywhere, allowing us to get a full view of each case from every single angle. And it sounds bloody awesome.

Head here for more on Serial. The new season drops on September 20.

Dr Death – The latest offering from the team who brought us Dirty John sounds like a real doozy. It follows the story of neurosurgeon Dr Christopher Duntsch, a highly respected and charismatic surgeon who was convicted of some seriously dodgy spinal work on patients over an 18 month period. 33 patients who were all promised relief from their chronic pain by Dr Duntsch were left damaged, paralysed and some even lost their lives under his care. Not only does this podcast offer a look into Dr Duntsch’s crimes and the stories of the victims themselves, but it also explores the medical system that failed to protect them.

Head here to learn more about Wondery’s Dr Death. This six-part series has three eps ready for you to devour right now.

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