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Demi Lovato’s statement after relapse is heartbreaking

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 6th, 2018

Addiction is a real bastard. Over the years we’ve seen countless incredibly talented people battle, and often succumb, to their addictions in front of our eyes on the world stage. And two weeks ago, we felt so much sadness when 25 year old singer Demi Lovato was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home from a suspected opioid overdose. Since the news broke on July 24th, the world has been waiting to hear something about how she’s doing, and today she released this statement to the world via Instagram…

While a struggle with illegal drugs is thankfully not part of my own life, I recognise that I definitely have an addictive, self-destructive streak to my personality. But the difference is that my vices (and maybe yours?) are so much more socially acceptable – but still dangerous. And there are many to choose from these days, including obsessively working, eating, drinking, gambling, smoking, exercising, all of which can lead you down the same path, just with a slower burn. And because they’re legal, they’re not treated with the same sort of judgement and stigma as illegal drug addiction is.

Addiction is a huge mental health issue and should be treated as such. It’s not weak or lazy, it’s a battle that tonnes of people the world over are facing on a daily basis, but working through them in privacy is a luxury that someone like Demi Lovato does not have. So to Demi, we are sending you love, support and are all gunning for you to kick this in the balls and get back to doing what you love. And we’ll all be here waiting when you do.

We were so lucky to have Amy Schumer join us for a chat On the Couch a couple of years back and she spoke to us about her addiction to bad relationships. You can listen in pod form below, then come hang with us by subscribing to our pod here, where you’ll find HEAPS of cool stuff.