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The best piece of parenting advice I’ve ever been given

Stacey by Stacey
December 17th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Disney•Pixar’s Coco but is 100% my story and belief. 


It is total information OVERLOAD when it comes to parenting. There is unwanted advice lurking at every corner you turn. We have to watch what bits of advice we allow into our crowded brains because if you try and store it all, you’re almost certain to turn into a raging looney. Trust me…I started my parenting journey this way six years ago with my first born and I almost self-combusted.

I have three boys under 6 now which means I basically have three puppies that require this type of routine, run, feed, sleep…and repeat. Even though I don’t take on every bit of advice anymore, I’m still bang up for tips that are useful on how to raise my crazy group of smelly men. The bits of advice I grab onto are usually around building self confidence, respect, care, kindness, and mental stability because at the end of the day I am just trying to raise my boys not to be jerks.

I went to the movies recently with my two eldest boys, Raff and Jarvie, to see a special advance screening of Disney•Pixar’s Coco. It’s all about a young boy called Miguel whose love for music is not accepted by his family so he goes on an extraordinary adventure to unlock the real story behind his musician grandfather in an effort to help his family understand his passion for music. He wanted his family to understand and support him.

It reinforced one of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve ever been given, it came from my father in law and went something like this;

“Nurture the things your kids love and are good at, even if it’s not an interest of your own…it will strengthen your relationship with them and will build the best kind of self confidence.”

I know it to be true because it was the way I was parented. Consciously, or subconsciously my parents nailed it. They always nurtured mine and my brothers interests, even when it must have been the biggest bore on earth. From dance, to netball, to cricket, to recorder, to DOUBLE ORGAN…yes that’s right. I did that.

I want my kids to know what it’s like to be supported and have their passion nurtured. I am sure there will be a crazy fad that will grind my goat at some point in their lives (insert, Roblox and Minecraft iPad games here) but I will dig deep and try my best to nurture it to stay true to this advice.

If you want to know more about the super cutesy movie Disney•Pixar’s Coco that I talk about above – check out the trailer below.

You can see Disney•Pixar’s Coco in Australian cinemas this Boxing Day.