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Pentatonix take on Rihanna’s hits

Stacey by Stacey
August 10th, 2018

This might be the only time in the last ten years that Rihanna hasn’t had a cracking song on the radio. A few years ago, it was clear to even me that there is no way that girl slept or had life balance…the result was music that rocked my socks off, but clearly, it wasn’t sustainable. Meanwhile, she’s spent her time acting in movies like Ocean’s 8 and creating her monster beauty brand, Fenty.

I’ve missed her epic tunes of late but thankfully there is another album in the making as we speak, and apparently, it’s reggae. But, until then we have this INCREDIBLE compilation from Pentatonix (if you don’t know them, google them…stat!).

This will be the best 7 minutes you spend all day.

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