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Pink’s speech to her daughter at the VMAs is serious #mumgoals

Stacey by Stacey
August 28th, 2017

I grew up sincerely believing I had a ‘boy body’. I loved what it could do and I knew I was ‘lucky’ that it was so strong and powerful, but I also knew it was a bit different to the other girls around me. I didn’t get my period until year 11 so I didn’t really develop until around the same time, which was well after most of my friends. I always overheard people talking about the amount of muscle I had for a ‘little girl’. At the time I didn’t know if they were saying it as a positive or negative and this often made me feel self conscious, but my parents spoke to me about the function of my body and how lucky I was to have those muscles to do the things I could do, so that’s what I chose to believe.

As parents, we are the voice our children hear most. What we say about ourselves, how we live our lives and how we talk to them is what shapes how they talk to themselves.

Pink with her insanely adorable little girl, Willow

Pink with her insanely adorable little girl, Willow

It’s no secret we are HUGE fans of Pink here at Show+Tell and our love for her runs much deeper than her music. It’s how little bullshit she accepts and how strong of a female she is that makes us adore her. When I saw her VMA’s acceptance speech for the Vanguard Award I felt an overwhelming sense of love for her; love for what she had not only done for her daughter but for what she was doing for so many other girls that would have been watching.

Standing at the microphone and accepting her award in front of an audience of millions, Pink told the story of how her six-year-old daughter Willow recently said to her, “I am the ugliest girl I know. I look like a boy with long hair.”  So naturally, Pink decided to make her a Powerpoint presentation showing her all the awesome artists who were androgynous in appearance and incredibly successful – simply for being themselves. Her motto was simple – live your truth. Don’t ever pretend to be someone you’re not.

I count my blessings every day that my parents chose the words they did when they were talking to me about my body when I was a little girl…and Pink’s choice to share this private story with the world will hopefully show so many more people that who they are is enough. And her belief that together we can inspire others to change and see all different kinds of beauty is one we will forever be shouting from the rooftops.

And PS – Pink’s husband looking at her = heart melt.

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