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Our LIVE podcast went a little something like this…

Monty by Monty
June 12th, 2017

Our third live Show + Tell podcast happened a few Sundays ago in front of 200 women and one dude. His beautiful wife asked him to come along and having no idea what he was going to, he agreed. Lining up with all chicks around him he had regrets big time. Then the actual podcast started and I reckon he just might be back next time.

Every time we do one of these events we get blown away by how many people come and also the bloody fun vibe that takes over the room.

Thank you SO much if you came along, it went wrong town as soon as we picked up the microphones but god it was fun. Hope to see you at the next one.

Big thanks to everyone who helped us pull this bad boy together and thank you to Tommy Little (who the whole audience wanted to bone after his stand up), Meshel Laurie and Sophie Cachia for being our guests for the arvo.

Below are some pics of the afternoon and you can listen to the podcast HERE.

_product (23)

The set up at One Roof before everyone arrived

_product (20)

Our goodie bags. AWESOME Kollab bags filled with goodies and yummy cupcakes from The Cupcake Queens

_product (6)

Beautiful posies from Hi Petal and YUMMMMM cheese platters (with crumbled honeycomb on them) from Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder.

_product (30)

Vino from Di Giorgio Family Wines. SO good.

_tommy (26)

Tommy Little kicked off the arvo with Stand Up. So bloody funny.

_tommy (31)

Meshel Laurie and Tommy Little

_sophie (8)

Meshel, Sophie Cachia and Tommy

_poddy (24)

Listening to someone in the audience

_poddy (41)

Girls yarning on.

_product (13)

Our Goodie bags. Tan-Off mitts (the bomb), Cup cakes from The Cupcake Queens, Thankyou water and hand cream all in a Kollab Bag.

_team (1)

Mel, Monty, Stace and Carla (our Little team minus Brooke).