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I’d leave my baby daddy and even babies for this guy.

Monty by Monty
April 2nd, 2017

Riz Ahmed makes me feel funny in the pantaloons. Every time I see a him on my screen I want to leave my white picket fence, happy relationship and two little boys and hunt him down and beg him to love me because I have feelings for him and I am pretty sure they are real.

Riz first came into my world when I watched him in The Night Of, which if you haven’t seen it yet GET CRACKING. About half way through that series, I think when Riz shaved his head,  I got a massive boner for him and it has not gone away.

He did a bucket load of work before The Night Of, but now the boy seems to be in every show I lay my eyeballs on.

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Q&A with Riz Ahmed and Martin Wylde.I have just finished The OA which Riz is in and he is also in season six of Girls where he bangs Lena Dunham several times and I had pangs of jealousy while watching.

So here are some little facts about this sex cat:

– He is 35

– He was born in London into a Muslim British Pakistani family

-He is hot and his British accent is DIVINE!

-He is also known as Riz MC and is a pretty decent rapper who is signed to an independent label.

– He isn’t afraid of being outspoken. His Facebook page is full of political posts that are intelligent and well researched viewpoints. He don’t give no fucks and makes a stand when things are important.

– No amount of googling shows a girlfriend. Good news.

All of the shows I mention above you gots to see.

Check him out on Jimmy Fallon last year.

Is Riz your cup of tea too?