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Not watching The Voice this year? You missed one performance that you MUST see!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 15th, 2020

Music is the best. I know that for those of us who are seriously moved by it, a great song has the ability not only to totally flip your mood and cover you in goosies, but it can also transport you back to a certain place and time in a second – sort of in the same way smell does.

The only other person I know that is as hard core into a tune as me is Stace – her body literally starts to sweat when she hears a song that tickles her fancy. Not even exaggerating.

So when Stace sent me a few clips of The Voice contestant Siala Robson’s performances, it was my turn to break a sweat. If you’re not tuning in to The Voice but keen to get around what all the fuss is about this year, check out this incredible babe sing her original song, Emotional Criminal, a couple of night’s ago…

Then of course, there was last night’s performance of Where Is The Love?

And of course, her blind audition of her original track, Other Than You, that had all four judges swivel those chairs and fight it out to get Siala on their teams…

Of course, no Voice post is complete this year without a nod to Johnny Manuel – the man who Stace thinks is for sure gonna take the show’s 2020 crown. Check out his powerful semi final performance of A Change Is Gonna Come. Pow.

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