SNL nails how we ALL feel about our leggings

Stacey by Stacey
April 13th, 2018

Honestly, how many times do you wear leggings and not actually work out in them? I would say I’m 20% workout and 80% casual wear. Some days (well….most days), wearing normal clothes just feels like an enormous task, so…I throw on another pair of leggings, accompanied by oily hair, no make up and a frumpy t-shirt and pretend that I’ve been working out for the ENTIRE day.

Who’s with me ladies?

And just for some heavier back up, Saturday Night Live have released a hilarious new Nike Pro Legging parody. I almost wet my pants watching this…literally. This ad is EVERYTHING you need for your Friday. And if like me you’re having a raging night on your couch, don’t forget your moisture wicking, performance enhancing leggings for your comfort.

Embrace it ladies – leggings are lyf!

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