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Find out the song that defines your life!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 12th, 2019

Do you remember what you were doing when you turned 14? For me, the year was 1993 and my life revolved around counting down the days until I could get my first part time job and hassling my mum for a pair of ‘recycled’ Levi’s 501s and a pair of Docs. WAY back then, there was no social media and no mobile phones, so a good chunk of our time was spent hogging the home phone (remember the days of CORDED phones and no call waiting?) and making the ultimate mix tapes by recording our fave tunes off the radio.

Ah, the corded phone. Complete with phone book.

Those days couldn’t be further from what life is like now, but there’s a new theory going around that brings all those teenage feels flooding right back – because apparently, the title of the song that was number one when you turned 14 defines your life.

Ok, so clearly this is just a bit of fun, but aren’t you just a little bit curious? I jumped on this quicker than you can say, ‘take this quiz to find out what kind of cheese best sums up your personality’ and…. I wasn’t mad at the result. On the 9th June, 1993 – my 14th birthday – the number one song was UB40’s (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You. While I don’t really care for the UB40 version, the original Elvis track was played no less than 789 million times in my childhood home by my Elvis-obsessed parents AND I had it played as we left the church on my wedding day. AND, you know, I can’t help falling in love with heaps of shit, like chocolate and wine and hot chips….  MAYBE IT IS TRUE!?!?!?!

I wasn’t as pleased with my husband’s results – Charles and Eddie’s Would I Lie To You? is his song, so I’m just gonna ignore that.

Of course, I became a little OTT with this and started plugging in everyone’s dates and discovered that Monty’s is Killing Me Softly by The Fugees, but the real winner of the day is Stace’s…. NO SHIT, her song is Return Of The Mack – and her youngest son’s name is MACK! Amazing.

If you wanna check out yours, (you know you want to), you can head here to plug in your date and find out your destiny.

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