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Remember Sophia Grace? She is 16 now. Her Insta feed made me a little sad

Monty by Monty
July 3rd, 2019

We all grow up don’t we? Like all those kids you went to primary school with and haven’t seen since, they’re all adults now. The kids from the Little Rascals movies, the Tin Lids and even Nikki Webster – ALL ADULTS NOW!

When you don’t see someone for ages they stay in your memory as the last age you saw them at.

Like Sophia Grace and Rosie, the little British girls who used to go on the Ellen show all the time. They were adorable and irritating all rolled into one glorious, obnoxious ball. I enjoyed their red carpet interviews and innocent dances to inappropriate Nicki Minaj lyrics. The cousins were just eight and five years old when they clocked up a massive 54 million hits on their YouTube video of them singing Super Bass.

Fast forward eight years and surprise surprise, those little girls have grown up. Sophia Grace is now 16 and I legit let out a gasp when I saw her.  I don’t know what I expected her to look like now, but my heart broke a little when I scrolled through her sexed-up Insta feed. She has succumb to the pressure of the painful looking inflated lips that are uncomfortably too common.

I’ve always believed that a woman has the right to do what she wants with her face and bod as long as it makes HER happy, but there’s something really confronting about seeing such a drastic change at such a young age. You can never be sure what drives a person, particularly a very young person, to pump shit into their face before their features have even totally finished forming, but I reckon the faces of the influencers they’ve grown up admiring plays a big part. 

The pressure on girls to look a certain way with the big lips/big boobs/big bum trend of the moment, even when it’s not in their genes to look that way, is seriously frightening. No one wants these kids to stay little forever, but geez it’d be nice to see them grow up with the confidence to rock  their own, unique beauty – and THAT is a trend we can all get on board with.

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