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You know you grew up in the 80’s in Australia when…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
January 26th, 2017

I’m so happy I grew up in the 80’s.

It was SO different to the way kids are growing up now…there were no mobile phones, no iPads, just really bad fashion and really awesome music.

If you grew up in the 80’s in Oz too, see how many of these you remember. If you didn’t, marvel at the wonder of the greatest decade evs.


This was your dream job 

Young Talent Time was the best show in the history of television! We loved Dannii and we all went ga-ga for Vinnie Del Tito and Joey Dee, but did anyone really like Courtney? I was DEVASTATED when Juanita Coco (front left) passed away in a tragic car accident.

Going to the Johnny Young Talent School is still on my bucket list.


This was your bed spread  

Ken Done was THE BOMB in the 80’s and owning one of his doona covers meant everything.

ken done

This was the hair accessory you had to have 

The trusty ‘banana clip’. Plastic, colourful and held your (permed & tipped) hair back…SO much better than a boring old ponytail. Everyone had one.

banana clip

Mrs Marsh taught you everything you needed to know about oral hygiene  

Colgate was the only toothpaste worth using, and Mrs Marsh loved dipping her chalk into that purple liquid.


Kraft Peanut Butter was the bomb  

No one had allergies back then, and no one wanted Peanut Butter with OILLLLL on top.

kraft pb 1991

These were the height of fashion 

Everyone who was anyone had a pair of stirrup pants. Horses optional.


As above. No bike necessary for bike shorts, but camel toe was essential.

Holder Template - 600 wide

This was fun 

Pop balls WERE fun…as long as one didn’t hit your eyeball while you were waiting for it to go off.

pop balls

THIS was the Wedding of the Century 

It was puffy sleeves and jip-in-the-hair a go-go. We all wanted to be Scott and Charlene.

scott and charlene

Which made THIS the Song of the Century 

Being hot wasn’t a prerequisite to be successful in music back then.

Sing it, Angry Anderson, sing it. SUDDENLYYYYYYYY……


And this was THE Moment of the Century 

This was the moment that merged all our favourite things about the 80’s into one moment- sequins, bows, big hair, and Kylie and Dannii Minogue singing SISTERS on Young Talent Time.

This, my friends, was the defining moment of the 80’s. Enjoy….

What was your favourite thing about the 80’s?

Speaking of the Minogues, Dannii joined us On the Couch and chatted all things YTT, being a child star and big sis Kylie’s breast cancer diagnosis. Listen below then click here to subscribe to our very excellent podcast.