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Are you EFFING OBSESSED with The Bold Type???

Monty by Monty
April 22nd, 2019

If you are reading this I will assume you are dosed up on The Bold Type love drug as well. Whatta show!?! Who is your fave? I’m wildly in love with Sutton. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t an instant connection but as we got deeper into the seasons, I found myself smiling whenever Suts was on screen (first and last time I’ll call her that). Richard and Sutton are so truly fabulous and hot that I could happily watch them bone all day and I don’t even mind their open mouth morning kissing sessions which no one should ever do.

I binge watched the first two seasons in 48 hours with one of my best mates. We had a kid free weekend in Byron Bay and literally laid side by side in our single beds and laughed and gushed together like moronic hormonal loons. We are generally not morons and neither were pre menstrual… the show is just that damn good. I would turn to my friend who quivers at any form of affection and tell her I love her while jumping over to her single bed to nuzzle her so for one fleeting moment we could feel like Sutton, Sloane and Kat. She hated it and I loved it, mainly because she hated it so much.

The beauty of this show that follows three 20 something best mates who literally tell each other they love each other about 654 times an episode is that:

  1. It’s set in NY and I am yet to see a women-centric show from the Big Apple that is shit (Girls and Broad City are also fabulocity).
  2. The heroes of this show are the dames. They actually lift each other up and don’t fight over a man’s cock and it’s refreshing and fabulous.
  3.  The outfits are wonderful and Sutton’s hair gets more and more lush as each ep roles by.
  4.  There are white, black, brown and in-between colours on this show. The cultural diversity is top notch and so desperately needed on our screens.
  5. The girls really like each other in real life.
  6.  It’s way easier to watch than Game of Thrones.

So here are some fun facts about the characters for you:

Jane Sloan who goes by the name of Katie Stevens was on American Idol in 2010 when she was 17.

Kat Edison, who is known to her parents as Aisha Dee, was on Saddle Club. Remember that show? I never watched the ‘horse show with a difference’ but that’s cause I’m kinda old. She is a Queensland girl too.

Sutton Brady is Meghann Fahy when the cameras stop rolling and I couldn’t really find anything on her but she does like to add hot sauce to everything so there is a tid bit for you.

I’m seriously hanging like a big old desperado for the eps of season three to drop. Just release all the fucking episodes at once please, this weekly bullshit is extremely dull.

Love you, hug hug.

M x