Maya Angelou voices ad that will give you major goosebumps!

Stacey by Stacey
March 7th, 2017

Today is International Women’s Day…and although here at Show+Tell we celebrate women every day, it’s even more fun to celebrate today because the amount of incredible content out there to share with you is next level! We are inspired every day by the amazing stories of women and this new ad created by women’s empowerment organisation This Girl Can is right up our alley. It hits the nail on the head in so many ways.

The 90 second vid uses a voice over of Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’ and shows women of all sizes, shapes, colours, and capabilities owning it! Each woman is embracing the function of their own body and loving it for what it is. It shows active women, not giving a shit how they look when they get their hands dirty, not caring how red their face is when working their ass off on the pitch, and not giving up when things get too hard.

Today more than ever, we get to see and realise the empowerment of what women are capable of through content like this. We are so lucky we get to see real women doing real things – and loving every second of it.