Our FAVE TV shows of 2017

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
December 21st, 2017

There is nothing better than falling in love with an awesome new TV show. The feeling of knowing you have glorious hour after hour to spend with your new best friends is the BEST. From true crime to serious butt-kicking chicks, these were the shows we fell in love with in 2017 and you will too.

The Sinner

The Sinner - Pilot

If you haven’t seen The Sinner you need to get on it STAT. Jessica Biel is incredibly brilliant as young mum Cora who randomly and suddenly murders a stranger on the beach in the first episode. The next seven episodes are not about whodunnit but why… You will be gripped from start to finish and the wait till the final ep is so worth it. The Sinner was the sleeper hit of 2017 that no-one saw coming but that everyone was talking about.

The Handmaid’s Tale


Margaret Atwood’s 1985 futuristic book was brought to TV this year and it had an almost eerie commentary on what has been happening the world recently. The Handmaid’s Tale is based around a group of women living in Gilead, formerly known as the United States of America, where women have no rights. Fertile women are used as incubators for the rich wives of powerful men who are infertile as a result of environmental contamination. The series is beautifully shot and incredibly told and completely scary in it’s reality.

Big Little Lies

big little lies

Women ruled the small screen in 2017 and Big Little Lies, the series around a school function murder, was the best example of this. It recently scooped up almost every award it was nominated for in the Emmys including Best Actress for Nicole Kidman, Best Supporting Actress for Laura Dern and Top Outstanding Limited Series. Reese Witherspoon looked genuinely thrilled to be beaten out by Nicole for Best Actress having bought the series to life through her own production company. Big Little Lies confirmed what we already knew – women telling stories about women was long overdue and we were all ready for some serious girl power in our lives. We all did a little happy dance knowing that season two has already been given the go-ahead.



Not for the faint hearted, Mindhunter is the drama that true crime fans could not get enough of (including us). The David Fincher helmed series, yes the one who directed Se7en, follows two FBI agents from the 1970’s Behavioural Science Unit who are the first agents to interview serial killers to understand why it is they murder people the way they do. It is based on a true story which makes those interview scenes even more creepy….if that’s possible.

The Crown


In the year that saw American Actress Meghan Markle get engaged to Prince Harry we could not get enough of the English monarchy. Season two of The Crown saw us further delve into the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the early years of her reign, her love affair with Prince Phillip, and what the reality of living behind the palace walls must really be like. Let’s just say it’s not all tea and jam scones.

Christmas is nearly done so it’s couch, leftovers and TV binge time. If you haven’t seen all these beauties yet, we’ve got your January covered! Happy watching.

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