usher-carpool-karaoke-cbs 2

Have you seen Usher do Carpool Karaoke?

Stacey by Stacey
July 29th, 2017
usher-carpool-karaoke-cbs 2

Usher is the coolest cat in town. Literally. He just jumped in James Corden’s car to do Carpool Karaoke and totally blew the roof off. I mean, I knew he had a boat load of hits but this really is next level. I love him, like, a lot! Too much? Nah. Never.

The highlight was watching James Corden try to learn how to dance like Usher. It was so wrong, but oh so right.

Watch this and join my love fest. It will make me feel less like a creep, and I’ll appreciate it.

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