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What’s been going on with the TV big bro we all wanted to bone?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 8th, 2020

Ah, there’s just something about older brothers, isn’t there? They’re all kinda hot, even when they’re not.

Of all the big bros in our orbit, none were hotter than the ones we grew up with on our screens. They were always getting up to a bit of PG-appropriate mischief, with a tough exterior that when cracked open, revealed a sensitive dude who just wanted to be held. Vom, I know – but back when we were pubescent gals, that shit was deep.

One of the hottest big brothers to grace our screens was Matt Camden, eldest of a gaggle of siblings from a little show called 7th Heaven.

Here’s a refresher…

‘Barry’. LOL.

Matt was played by actor Barry Watson, who most def put the heaven into the show’s title, ‘cos he was handsome AF – and also had the best hair of the entire cast.

Just as an aside: How weird is the name Barry for a relatively young guy? Unless you gave birth in 1942, you’re not calling a baby Barry, are ya? Mr and Mrs Watson may have bestowed some genetic blessings in the looks department on old Baz, but they really did him a disservice in the naming stakes. He looks way more like a Jack.

Annnnnyway, I stumbled on a recent pic of Jack Barry and I NEVER would have recognised him. Have a squiz…

Baz has a major Timothy Olyphant/Josh Duhamel vibe going on.

Barry has continued to act pretty consistently across film and TV since wrapping up his 7th Heaven days, most recently starring alongside Russell Crowe as Lachlan Murdoch in the Roger Ailes/FOX news series, The Loudest Voice.

Barry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in 2002, taking a leave of absence from 7th Heaven while he received treatment and was declared to be in remission in 2003. He is now 46 years old, is a dad to three kids and is happily married to his third wife, Natasha Gregson-Wagner, daughter of the late Hollywood star, Natalie Wood.

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