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Sneak a peek at This Is Us Season Three!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 3rd, 2018

Just when we’d almost resigned ourselves to channel surfing through the 24/7 reality TV cycle of home renos, obstacle courses and cat-fighting  ‘looking for love’ shows, one series walked into our lives and changed EVERYTHING. And it was love at first sight from the pilot ep of This Is Us.

And just like true love, we’ve been pining like obsessed teenagers to see what has become of the Pearsons since we last saw them. ‘Cos that second season was ROUGH.

But the third season seems a little more hopeful if this new teaser trailer is anything to go by. Press play and suck up every glorious second…

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told USA Today that along with the regular tear-inducing moments we’ve come to know and love, this season will bring with it a lot of lighter, more joyful moments too. Straight out of the gates we’ll get to see Jack and Rebecca’s first date in the season premiere, with a focus on their early years together sprinkled throughout the season. If the trailer clues are anything to go by, we’ll also get a glimpse into Kate’s journey to motherhood and the evolution of Kevin and Zoe’s relationship.

We’ll also get a look into Toby’s depression, how Rebecca’s relationship with Miguel came to be, the very mysterious ‘she’ in the flash-forward scene of last season between Randall and his daughter Tess, Kevin’s journey to Vietnam to explore his dad’s experiences over there, and a look at what actually happened to Jack during the Vietnam war.

That sounds like a lot of Milo Ventimiglia screen time, which is reason enough in itself to tune in. Plus, there’ll be 18 episodes of magic in this season, so it’s time to start stocking up on snacks.

You can take a look at the cast talking about the impact of the show in this clip below. It’s goosebump city…

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