The new commercial we can’t stop watching

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
January 9th, 2018

Who doesn’t love a comeback? Some of the best moments of all time involve the resurrection of a career, like when Rocky picked up his gloves again to avenge Apollo’s death against Drago in Rocky 4. The best. The only thing that tops this is a fab lady falling over, dusting herself off, learning from her mistakes and coming back bigger and better than ever. And that is exactly what Winona Ryder has done.

Winona was a staple of our childhoods and appeared in some of the most loved movies ever – from Beetlejuice to Heathers to Mermaids and the very excellent Reality Bites, Winona was at the top of her game, but after a shoplifting conviction in 2001 she sort of… disappeared. But this lady is BACK with the full force that we know and love her for, only a little older, a little wiser and I reckon, a little extra fabulous.

The world fell in love with her again in 2016 as single mum Joyce Byers in Stranger Things and now, Winona has scored herself a sweet deal with L’Oreal Paris as their haircare ambassador – and the new ad is amazeballs. All glammed up in a black gown (with killer hair, of course) in what appears to be behind-the-scenes of an awards show, Winona appears nervous as she prepares to take the stage. The ad’s tagline? Everyone Deserves A Comeback. They sure do L’Oreal, they sure bloody do.

Feast your eyes on this comeback-themed deliciousness below and as a side note – how smokin’ does Winona look? At 46, we reckon she looks better than ever.

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