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Our top 10 must have toys right now

Stacey by Stacey
March 16th, 2014

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Is there anything worse than thinking you have nailed the perfect gift for your kid or someone else’s, only to watch them unwrap it with sheer joy and then see their face screw up when they spot what it is? No, there is nothing much worse in the whole wide world.

Last weekend I had a birthday party for my one-year-old niece and choosing the perfect gift for her was a challenge.  So to make my future present decision making for tots easier, I decided to join forces with the rad crew from Littleville, who just happen to have every product you could ever need for pregnancy, birth, kidlets and more…

Littleville have an endless supply of super rad toys on their site but I decided to do top 10 must have toys right NOW. They are all different price points and ages to suit all kids and all budgets. Here’s hoping this list puts an end to any of us ever having to witness the ‘disappointed’ kids face again.

Big Dreams cardboard dress up - $49.95

Big Dreams cardboard dress up – $49.95

Isn’t this the coolest cardboard box toy you have ever seen? My son would go bonkers for this.

Lil Fairy Doors - $12.00

Lil Fairy Doors – $12.00

Ok, so this is a real ripper…a fairy door that you can sit or hang in your little ones room. You can tell them the fairies  come out at night time and you can sprinkle fairy dust around to prove it.

Opps a daisy gifts - Pirate Costume - $33.95

Opps a daisy gifts – Pirate Costume – $33.95

Well…every kid needs a pirate costume right, and maybe every adult too?

Plant Eco Veggie Garden for kiddies - $24.95

Plant Eco Veggie Garden for kiddies – $24.95

I’m a sucker for a veggie patch and this one is actually clean, kid-friendly and something that can teach them a little responsibility while having fun. Tricking kids into learning is crafty.

Three Four Knock on the door - Chalkboard laptop $69.95

Three Four Knock on the door – Chalkboard laptop $69.95

Trying to get your kid away from electronics – give this bad boy a try. It is super cool and good for the imagination. And a good little decorating piece for their rooms.

Make me iconic - Melbourne's cool tram - $89.95

Make me iconic – Melbourne’s cool tram – $89.95

OK…this might be my all time fave. My son just got this as a pressie and he loves it. They have little passengers for each seat in the tram and it looks so cool in his bedroom, which for me is a big bonus.

Mr Wolf - hanging mobile - $79.95

Mr Wolf – hanging mobile – $79.95

One for the babies out there…how cute is this? And it plays music.

Sosi Puzzle - $39.95

Sosi Puzzle – $39.95

Every kid (and mum) needs a toy that keeps the little ones entertained for yonks. A puzzle is always a winner.

Kinetics Sand Sculptures - $54.95

Kinetics Sand Sculptures – $54.95

Don’t stress this isn’t messy! It all sticks together and is completely mouldable to create so many cool things. This will occupy the kids for ages too. Score!

Archie and Evie - Rocket - $50.00

Archie and Evie – Rocket – $50.00

Rockets are for every one….

Do yourself a favour and follow all things Littleville, it really is the best site for all you rad mumma’s out there. We are obsessed here at Show+Tell.

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