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The FOOLPROOF way to get Adele’s eyeliner wings. Every. Single. Time.

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 30th, 2017

Adele’s eyeliner is perfection. Always black and ALWAYS flicked out cat-eye style.

When doing an eyeliner flick, the angle is everything. Too low and you’ll make your eyes look droopy on the corners, which will automatically age you; too high and you’ll look like you’ve had a REALLY bad, unconvincing eye lift.

Then there’s getting the flick straight and sharp. It’s tough work.

BUT, this little trick makes sure you get PERFECT eyeliner wings. Every. Single. Time….and all you need is some tape and your eyeliner of choice.  If you’re gonna make like Adele, go the liquid liner. You can do it!

Some extra tips:

* Try using a tape like Micropore tape – it’s not as super-sticky as normal tape and is much gentler on skin.

* Try doing your liner BEFORE doing your foundation - the tape can take off a little of your foundation when you remove it. Otherwise, just run a tiny bit of foundation over the area after you’ve done the wings.

* To REALLY sharpen up those edges, run a line of concealer or a beige eye pencil directly underneath the wing. This is for perfectionists only – totally unnecessary for most of us.

* Even though the tape works as a guide, you need to place it at the right angle. Snuggle it in closely to the lower lash line (UNDER the lashes!) and just imagine that line continuing on the same plane up toward the temple.

Eyeliner goals

Eyeliner goals

Easy peasy. Now go get practising!