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I basically just had a boob job but for my eyes. AMAZE!!!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 1st, 2017

There are two items in my beauty case I COULD NOT live without and they are a) mascara and b) eyelash curlers; they are two simple things that make the world of difference to my face. I never leave the house without mascara and curled lashes. Ever. Yes, yes, you can call me vain and I would agree, but I’m also a big lazy-pants. Show me a short-cut that works and I’ll show you a happy lady.

So it was with much hope that I trotted off to the salon for a something called a lash lift with high hopes of a life without mascara and curlers. Yep, sounds like the stuff of dreams. Unlike the lash perms of old which often over-curled the lashes and left them looking like poodle lashes, a ‘lift’ promises to gently flare the lashes up to give you an open-eyed wide-awake look sans lash curling that lasts 24/7 for around six to eight weeks. Lash porn big time.

What’s involved?

On your part, laying on a comfy bed and taking a cheeky 45 minute to one hour nap while your lash specialist -the beautiful Monique in my case – works her magic. It’s a four-step process, whereby silicone moulds are used to lengthen and gently curl the lashes from the root while lifting solution, setting solution, lash tint and lash conditioner are applied in separate stages. I experienced zero discomfort and I may or may not have let out a few snores. I’ll never tell.

The results:

Ok, here are my lashes pre-lift. The are very fair and very straight so without mascara and lash curling I seriously look like a different person. The worst part of this whole process was having to venture out in public with NO mascara before hand. Confronting.

Lash Lift

My sad “before” lashes. Ignore unruly brows.

Here are my lashes post-lift. Sure, they’re darker, but they looks so much LONGER with just enough curl to really open up the eyes.

Lash Lift

Who’s lashes even ARE these? Like a boob job for your eyes.


Um, zero. I know! Although Lash Extensions look amazing and I know I’d love them to pieces, realistically the maintenance required to keep them looking good is too much for me as I can barely manage my hairdresser appointments. This treatment is expected to last up to eight weeks and the pros recommend waiting until your lashes are back to their old boring selves before heading back for another treatment.

Is a Lash Lift for you?

If you like nice lashes and looking bright-eyed without having to use curlers (or apply mascara if you like the natural look) then YES this is for you, especially if you have naturally straight and stubborn lashes. Personally, I don’t have an abundance of lashes so I am still using mascara to give them a bit of thickness and volume now that the lengthening and curl has been taken care of. The only issue I’ve had since having my lashes done is applying eyeliner on my upper lash line. Because of the lift, it’s tricky to physically get into that lash line with your liner however with a little practice it’s turning out a-ok.

*Big thanks to Amy Jean Eye Couture for providing the most lush Lash Elevate experience…see you guys in eight weeks! For more info, head over to

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