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THIS is how you get the BEST selfie!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 20th, 2017
lumee feature

Remember the days when you wanted to get a photo with your friend and you had to tap a stranger and say, “Excuse me, could you take a quick picture of us?” or you just tried to do it yourself? Long before smart phones and digital cameras, to attempt a selfie was a potential waste of good film. Remember film? That thing you used to put in a camera; a camera you had to wind at the end of each snap, and then drop off at your local supermarket or pharmacy for developing? Inevitably, those selfies were almost always a) out of focus or b) cut off half of your head.

We’ve come a long way, baby. These days, I can’t think of anyone who HASN’T taken a selfie. Not only have we been given the ability to snap ourselves anywhere at any time – with immediate results – we’ve also got the power to hit delete on those unflattering pics that make us look like we’ve got 64 chins. And then, there’s the filters.

Even with ALL THAT HELP, I still can’t take a decent selfie. What am I doing wrong? All over Insta, women are taking these incredible selfies that look like they’ve just bathed in the glow of a thousand diamond-encrusted suns and angel dust. Then I saw it. It was originally in a picture taken of Kim Kardashian holding her phone up to take a selfie, but her phone had a ring of light around it, sort of like a mini version of those old Hollywood make-up mirrors with the globes around them.

The LuMee in action

The LuMee in action

With a little help from Google, I saw that queen of the selfie, Kimmy K, raved about a phone attachment called a LuMee case that had changed her selfie-loving world. “The secret to a good selfie is definitely lighting,” Kim spilled on her website. “I love my Lumee case! It has front facing lights that light you up anywhere you are, especially in dark places.”

Even Hills is reportedly a fan after Kim introduced her to the Lumi

Even Hills is reportedly a fan after Kim introduced her to the LuMee

So what is a LuMee case and why would you want one? Well, it’s a clip-on accessory for your phone that features white lights around the sides that, you guessed it, illuminate your face when you snap a pic. It’s almost like one of those fancy ring lights that warms up your skin and ‘softens’ everything, with no need to add filters. Just snap, and go. It also has a dimmer switch to decrease the intensity of those lights when needed. The case itself requires charging, but probably only every month or so, depending on how strong your selfie addiction is. It’s reportedly quite bulky, but you can’t have it all, can you?

What a little find this is! It’s also reassuring to know that even the celebs need a little help in the selfie department and that ‘glow’ is not actually from within, but thanks to a clever little phone attachment that leaves your snaps requiring #nofilter at all.

Head over to the official LuMee site to learn more about it here.

What’s your tip for the perfect selfie?