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The ‘ideal’ body according to 18 different countries

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 27th, 2017

It’s no surprise that the perception of beauty varies from person to person, but this project by UK pharmacy Superdrug is fascinating.

Entitled ‘Perceptions of Perfection,’ the company hired designers from 18 different countries to photoshop the same woman into their country’s ideal appearance including body size and proportions, hair colour, and so on.

According to a press release from Superdrug, “The goal of this project is to better understand potentially unrealistic standards of beauty and to see how much pressures vary around the world.”

Here is the original shot:

body - original

Now check out the changes made to suit each country’s ‘perfect’ looking woman…

body 18

body 17

body 16

body 15

body 14

body 13

body 12

body 11

body 10

body 7

body 6

body 5

body 4

body 3

body 2

body 1

See you guys in Spain…..

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