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You’ll want EVERYTHING in Seed’s new activewear collection!

Brooke by Brooke
February 26th, 2017

Please note: This piece is not sponsored; just wanna share cause I LOVE!

One of my fave stores have released their first activewear range and I want it ALL. Pronto!

I can’t walk past Seed without just ‘popping in’ for a quick look and walking out with something I probably don’t need, but something very pretty non the less. And now that I can get my workout gear there too I am in real trouble. Seed have released Seed Sport and it’s a winner.  It’s not just any old sports gear but workout wear with super flattering styles and cool prints.

The styles are constructed of advanced performance fabrics which are loaded with enhanced features that ventilate, insulate, stretch with movement, are lightweight, breathable, and water resistant.

I am loving it all big time and my money is going to bet you will too, take a little looksie and some of my fave pieces…






seed splice crop $49.95