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I pop something under my pits daily that is REAL good

Monty by Monty
July 9th, 2017

People who stink suck. Seriously there is nothing worse than getting punched in the face by someone’s B.O. You know when it’s so bad you can almost taste it? Yuck.

I love a nice smelling pit, a squeaky clean body odour free zone. Inhale that goodness.

Since having kids I have become a little more conscious of nasty things that live in products like deodorant though. I am not hardcore, I’m partial to chemicals as much as the next cat, but something about the deodorant we get at the supermarket freaks me out. Putting all those chemicals under my pits where my precious glands live makes me a little nervous (no idea what they do but I still want them intact).

The last couple of years I have started to wear natural deodorant and let me tell you this was quite a process to find one that actually works. I would get so excited when I found a newbie to try and would wack it on with a big grin in the morning, only to smell like a nasty old trucky come 3pm.

I was almost about to resort back to the fake stuff when my sis sent me a natural deodorant called ‘No Pong’. I snarled at it when I first saw it and thought, here we go, another 3pm stinker. But being a rebel I gave this little pot of natural ‘anti odourant’ a crack and I was a happy duck with the results.

It smells good and it works. I sometimes apply it in the arvo for a refresh as well but I often did that with my old chemical ones so this is no biggy for me.

No Pong. You just put it on your fingers and rub it in under your arms. Same as you would hair gel on a dudes hair.

No Pong. You just put it on your fingers and rub it in under your arms. Same as you would hair gel on a dudes hair.

It sometimes overwhelms me when I think about all the chemical filled products I have in my home, so just swapping up simple things like deodorant is an easy and quick thing to do that eased my mind a little.

This ain’t a sponsored piece by the way. I love this anti odourant and thought you might like it to. So try it if your heart desires, or simply don’t, it’s up to you.

We have popped some up in our shop if you want to grab some here.

Would love to know if you like it and also what other little swaps you have done in your home?

M x