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The Bachelorette has asked a VERY important life question

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
September 22nd, 2016
top sheet

The Bachelorette covered some very important topics in it’s first episode last night. Tomato sauce that’s been opened – in the fridge or the cupboard? A Tiffany’s bracelet or a homemade macaroni one? Should you tell your date you did three nervous poos before you met them? Um no Ben the answer is no. The question though that had us in fierce debate at Show + Tell  is… do you use a top sheet or are you a straight under the doona kind of person?

Who knew people could be so divided over the top sheet question. I have never in my life used a top sheet and find it really annoying that I can’t buy a doona cover and pillow case set without the obligatory top sheet. My best friend recently told me that I was ‘disgusting’ for not using a top sheet, which I thought was a little harsh. I mean this is 2016, does anybody under the age of 50 use a top sheet? Well apparently yes, our Bachelorette Georgia Love does and she is not alone.

top sheet

The world is divided into two groups of people. Those that use top sheets and those who don’t.

Our little team here at Show + Tell were VERY passionately divided over this. Monty, Brooke and I fell squarely in the no top sheet camp, but Stace and Mel were in the hell yes top sheet camp. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I really thought the top sheet was strictly reserved for when you visited Grandma’s house as a kid or on holidays when you stay at a hotel. I mean people are paid to make those hotel beds with those perfect flat folded corners, and unless I start paying someone to come make my bed there is no way I have time for this top sheet nonsense in the morning rush.

I‘m so over washing doona covers and pillow cases as it is, why would I add something extra to the mix unless I needed to. Plus they just get all tangled and twisted while you sleep and end up down the bottom of the bed. When I asked the top sheeters why? I mean really WHY? They answered because that’s what they have always done, it looks better and you don’t need to wash doona covers as often. Also if you get too hot you can just use the top sheet instead of the doona. Okay the last one makes sense but I’ve found throwing a leg out will have the same cooling properties.

I’m not convinced and I’m staying on the anti top sheet side. Are you a yay or nay to the top sheet?