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Are you for or against using a top sheet?

Monty by Monty
December 21st, 2016
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The other day my partner of 12 years, who I have bred with twice and feel like I know better than I know myself, asked me something that divided us big time. It wasn’t about politics, religion or anything of that stature, but it may as well have been.

When we were hopping into bed, he casually said “I reckon we should get a top sheet”. I laughed, because I thought he was joking because TOP SHEET? How old are we? There was no hint of sarcasm and his face didn’t show any sign of a smirk, so I realised quick smart that he was for real.

This is the one and only time I have had a top sheet, it was for a photo shoot at my place.

This is the one and only time I have had a top sheet, it was for a photo shoot at my place.

For my whole life, and his mind you, we have slept with a fitted sheet on the bottom and a doona on the top. Job done. Easy peasy – simple to make, cosy to sleep under. It ain’t broke so why would we fix it? Besides that we are in our 30’s. Surely no one under 55 is making their bed with a top sheet as well?

As soon as I get into any hotel bed, I rip the top sheet off. They are too restrictive and they get squished in the middle of the night and you have to fish around for them in the dark. Top sheets are unnecessary pests, and now he is trying to bring this foreign object into our lives, into OUR bed. I feel like I don’t know him anymore. I feel rattled by his new appetite to ‘try it’.

When I was venting to one of my besties about the rubbish Sam had thrown at me, she shot back in a defensive voice that SHE uses top sheets. WHAT!?! Is there like a new wave of young people going old school and making beds like our nans used to? She said they use one because her husband gets hotter at night so often he will just sleep under that. I understand the different body temperature issue, we have it at my place too, but I don’t think top sheets are the answer.

I’m as partial to linen as the next cat, but this is madness. They are all around us and I never knew, those young people who are pro the top sheet. The world has truly gone mad.

Are you  pro or anti the top sheet? 

  • Tab

    Pro top sheet – less washing of doona covers!!

  • Gabs

    I am converted to a top sheet! I didn’t use one when I was younger, just the doona in a cover like you. But it actually makes it much easier to change the temperature as I now layer (perfect for Melbourne). I go sheet, doona and a thin decorative quilt. Sometimes it’s just the Sheet & doona, sometimes it’s just the quilt, but if it’s cold, all 3. Give it a go. Buy some gorgeous sheets (I love Zara) fold them over a long way so they don’t get ‘lost’, and top with a gorgeous quilt or throw. By the way I don’t put the doona in a cover so it is less likely to slip around.

  • Show+Tell

    AWESOME! love it – thanks for sharing. And no doona in the cover? Good idea. Will be trying. x

  • Show+Tell

    YES YES YES!!! Exactly. xx