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What’s New For The Home…Sage and Clare

Stacey by Stacey
August 7th, 2015

Let us introduce you to the duo behind Sage and Clare, who lovingly sourc treasures that are bursting with colour, incredible texture and a ton of soul. Pheobe and Chris have made the search for these handmade products a part of their incredible lives, and now ours! Inspired by their travels to India, they decided to take a leap of faith and jump into creating global treasures to bring back to all of us. The handmade range screams bohemian, soulful and eclectic. Just what we ALWAYS want! Incredible…we had a chat with Phoebe. Check it out…

Phoebe…what was it that caught you eye when you were exploring India that made you create Sage and Clare? 

We caught the India-bug as soon as we stepped off the plane, taken in by the energetic streets, riotous colours and incredible artisanal products. It’s also a place where opportunity abounds – everywhere you look there is inspiration and a sense that anything is possible. We were at a crossroads in our lives and here we were, spending Christmas in India, with our passion for handmade, bohemian products staring us in the face. We looked at each other and thought, ‘Why not?’ Perhaps a little naive in hindsight, but a journey we’re very grateful to be on.


Photography and Styling – Phoebe Bell


Photography and Styling – Phoebe Bell

How did the textile side start?

Handmade textiles are the crux of what Sage and Clare is about. My sister Jemma has a background in textile design, which really enabled Chris and I to explore the amazing textiles of India and design with confidence. There is a magic in textiles that are made by hand, and we thoroughly enjoy working side-by-side with our weavers, block printers, and screen printers (to name a few!) to bring our designs to life. There is a mutual learning that occurs between our artisans and us – they teach us their lifelong trade and we open their eyes to how their traditional techniques can also lend themselves to modern design. It’s the perfect match!


Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli


Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli

An incredible family business…how does it all work? Who does what?

I rule the roost for the most part – lucky me! A standard day would involve emails, order-packing, styling, photography, design, marketing and updating our online store. I’m also lucky enough to work alongside the Greenhouse Interiors team, who not only give me plenty of daily mentoring, but also get our products out there and into stores. Not sure where I’d be without them! Travel is a large component of Sage and Clare too as I prefer to work alongside our artisans during the design development phase rather than remotely. This involves regular trips to India, which are always the highlights of my year! Chris, aside from his day job, is the numbers man, keeping me under tight reign during my design trips – I have a little tendency to get carried away with the never-ending beauty of Indian wares! Ultimately, Chris keeps the business on track, giving me pep-talks when I need them, and travels to India with me whenever work can spare him! My twin sister Jemma contributes to textile and graphic design – fair to say that Adobe and graphic design jargon are not our forté! Thank goodness for Jemma!

vintage moroccan berber shag rug - sage and clare

Photography and Styling – Phoebe Bell



Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli

What is something you would each NEVER do?

Mmmm, I can’t really see myself sitting down to create a detailed years-long cashflow. A rather important part of any business but an area that bores me stupid! As for Chris, he would NEVER assume that our design and production will move along without a hitch and be delivered on-time. I’m always perhaps a little naively hopeful, even though it’s an area we’ve never been able to get right and often sees us fraught with stress during production and shipping…. Oh the joys!


Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli


Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli

Your fave piece everyone should own?

An oldie but a serious goodie – a vintage kantha blanket! We will never tire of these one-of-a-kind beauties! They have a certain quality that you will not find in the brand new knock-offs out there… In our opinion, they’re a piece worthy of handing down through the generations to come – a rare offering these days!


Photography – Luis Ferreiro and Styling – Aime Tarulli

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