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Meet…Fiona Lynch of Fields Rug Collection

Stacey by Stacey
October 8th, 2014

Fiona Lynch is renowned for her artistic approach to interior design and her new collection of rugs sure showcases this incredible eye for gorgeous things. Fields is a collection of Fiona Lynch designed goat-hair rugs with geometric forms and dynamic colour palettes. The patterns are like jigsaws that would really change your space into something incredible special.

Fiona Lynch runs a team that are experts in architecture, interior design, visual arts and management. Fiona is an incredible woman with over 15 years experience in the industry and we just REALLLLLY wanted to show you her new rug collection that is sure to make you want to spruce up your space.

Catch our chat and the range below…


Tell us what inspires you to keep creating, designing and growing your business?

I feel very fortunate to have a career that I enjoy. Design is in principal about problem solving and each day presents a new challenge which always leads me down a new path. I am constantly inspired by my clients and likeminded creatives and seeing a project completed and clients happy, is very satisfying.


After 15 years in the business, can you give our readers any tips on how to maintain and create such a wonderful career?

It is important to work for a number of different design firms, I have been fortunate to work for four in my time and they were all completely different in their design culture. As sole Director of Fiona Lynch I really do have to think about the type of office environment I want to work in as this will then flow onto how my designers feel. Working in an environment where you feel happy, included and challenged is vital. Every Tuesday I try to bring something in that I am excited about whether it’s a book about an artist or an amazing interior that I have seen on a blog or magazine.


Tell us about your Fields rug collection and the Shard collection which launches later this year.

Fields is a collaboration with Tretford who make the goat hair product. The Fields collection is our first collection of goat-haired rugs exploring geometric patterns. Assembled locally in Australia from a goat-hair product imported from Ireland. The patterns play on colour field painters like Barnett Newman and explore a strong use of colour. We are thrilled to have them stocked both in Melbourne (Angelucci  http://angelucci.net.au/contact/ ) and Koskela (http://www.koskela.com.au ).


What is a good tip when choosing a rug?

Colour is really important – I am drawn to colour combinations that are a little off key like ochre, emerald green and cream as seen in yet to be launched Shard range.



Instagram: Fiona Lynch Office