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The ULTIMATE kids room inspiration…

Stacey by Stacey
October 22nd, 2015

We LOVE that we can feature people that give us inspiration bombs every time we look at their work. Nicole Rosenberg of Little Liberty is one special piece of lady – so we asked if we could share with you some of her fave works.

Nicole, an Interior Decorator and mum of three, founded Little Liberty about 8 years ago and she has been making the little people’s bedrooms amazing little havens ever since! Nicole really loves colour and loves to produce calm and happy yet fun spaces that reflect the child’s individuality. And well, we are ALL about that. We sat down for a little chinwag with Nicole and of course stole some pics that would give you the inspiration you may need to make your kiddie rooms super spesch.




Kiddie rooms…how bloody awesome…what made you enter this world?

After having my first two children a natural passion came out in decorating their rooms – I would go into their rooms everyday and re-arrange, style and create new looks ALL THE TIME! Whilst I was at home with the kids as a full time Mum I realised that this was giving me the creative outlet I always craved in my previous jobs but was never fulfilled – friends and family started employing me to decorated their children’s rooms…after about a year I had a full blown business!





What is the one item every kiddie room should have?

It’s very hard to choose just one! But I would say a really nice good quality throw blanket – I love using throw blankets on the bed and it’s nice for the kids to have something to snuggle up with on top of their beds or chair during the day. From a design perspective it gives a bed a layered look – which is always calming and soft on the eye and creates an inviting space overall.





What is your most fave room you’ve ever done?

Once again hard to choose!!!! But if I had to say one, I’d go for this grey and pink girls room….

I love the way this room came together – it’s so feminine and soft and just perfect for little girls.

Nicole Fave room ques 3

Tell us the most common design mistake you see people make for kids rooms?

I think making the room look cluttered with extra furniture pieces – I’m definitely an advocate for less is more! And also sticking with 3 – 4 colours for the room to bring a cohesiveness and calmness to the space.


Little Liberty_16 Meredith Street-11

Little Liberty_4 Hillside Terrace-6

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