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What hot in the home right now…Lisa Lapointe

Stacey by Stacey
July 10th, 2015

Lisa Lapointe has been my latest obsession in homewares and interiors for ummmm…the last few months. I know it sounds a little strange but her work is unlike any other and when I say a real feast for your eyes, I mean it. Lisa is a Sydney based pencil artist who draws upon spiritual, religious and indigenous mythology. The colour is refreshing and can completely change the space in your home from drab to fab! Lisa has a way of creating human emotion in her work as her pieces radiate energy and optimism. Do I sound a little obsessed? I told you!

Check out our chat and Lisa’s incredible work below…thanks us later for this one ladies.

after dusk

Your work is INCREDIBLE! We have been admiring for a long time…Tell us how your works come about? 

My works are constantly unfolding in my mind and are constructed mostly through meditation and basic philosophical and spiritual conversation that I have with my partner. We are both fascinated with the mechanics of the mind, spirituality, religion, society and nature. Our continual dialogue on these subjects spurs imagery that then becomes my work.

owl 2

How long does each piece take?

It varies on the size but they usually take me about 4 – 6 weeks now. And believe it or not, I have only ever thrown away two pieces.


Do you have a fave piece that you could never part with?

I have grown very attached to the Soothsayer and what he represents. He holds pride of place in our home and reminds us of his message – he is the old guru crying for the loss of integrity in spiritualism. In a time where it seems many spiritual practices like yoga and meditation have become more fad & trend driven than true quests for self improvement and development – the commercialisation of spiritualism – the lost message. He reminds us to keep the spirit of nature, the universe and ourselves alive.

soothsayer 2

If you could see a piece of your art anywhere in the world, where would it be?

For me it’s not so much about status as it is about enrichment. I want my works to be with people who feel like they add value and meaning to their life. So I suppose it’s more about numbers than establishment. The more people that understand my visual message, the more hearts I’ve touched.

Dancing or Footloose?


cajoiling the moon 2

These gorgeous hand painted timber sculptures are spankin new to Lisa’s range…and how bloody adorable are they? They stand from 70cm – 95cm high and would make a seriously gorgeous touch to anywhere in your home!


Thank you gorgeous Lisa…we adore you!


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