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What’s hot in the home right now…Danielle X

Stacey by Stacey
July 31st, 2015

We sure did stumble upon a gold mine here…let us introduce you to the incredible Danielle Cross. Born in Sydney, a visual artist with a background in interior design. Danielle has an incredible way of making dynamic, abstract, textural and expressive art.  Danielle’s work is widely known for her incredible cross art…there is no limit to the amazingness that Danielle can make. It is unique and a sure statement in anyone’s home!

We have a chat with Danielle and show you some of her beautiful work…thank us later for this one peeps!


Tell us what inspired you to make these unique beautiful pieces?

I create my art in a dynamic, abstract, textural, emotive and expressive sense. Inspiration sits somewhere between our feelings within unexpected moments and the daily visual stimulation. I do also see colour and design in the lyrics of songs, which can be extremely powerful in my art process as well as creating an interesting studio atmosphere! I encourage my artworks, although so detailed and crazy, to enable the viewer to see their own story.

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You’re an Interior Designer, did mini Danielle always see herself with a career based around complete creativity?

Yes! My formal training is in Interior Design having studied at Enmore Design Centre. I guess I was always destined to be creating something!

I have a very creative family background and spent many hours with my Builder Dad on building sites. I even did my Year 10 work experience with Leighton Contractors on the STAR CITY CASINO building site.

As I child, I was consumed with colour, design and anything anything creative that would allow me to express myself. e.g. writing, performing arts, cooking with mum, to sponge painting my room all on my own at aged 12!!! I spent my high school years in the Visual Arts and Textiles department using any free time that I had. This is where I think I found my calling but I didn’t know it yet!

In retrospect, I believe that I can be a better person in this world, when I am using my creative side in some capacity. It relieves any frustration!

desert sky

What is the process involved with making your crosses?

The process of my unique cross concept came about while in the studio with my Dad while working on my conceptual brief for an art exhibition that was held at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick early last year.

I had been assigned a space where the children’s Oncology Ward was situated. Knowing that this was an extremely emotionally and sensitive space I was looking into symbols of what happiness is to people and children alike. Being a mum of two girls (Marley, 10 & Evy Jude, 6) this space really resonated with me and how special children and family really are in the midst of all our everyday craziness.

Entitled,  ‘Xamoré, it explored our historical, symbolic and primitive connections to how love and happiness are individually defined (As well as my crazy Italian heritage hence the ‘its amore’!)

This visual art journey took me into the history of ‘X’ and looked at the ancient symbol that it was, for change, movement and transformation and it’s long association with the unknown.  X represented our sworn oath and signature, which historically was sealed with a kiss. This defining moment in time lead us to its symbolic meaning, which is used today.

I wanted to create colourful and uplifting artworks in a circular form that really changed the way you felt while walking down the long and rectangular hospital corridor.

The timber panel element to my painting is a comfort base for my works, though for my Dad I’m sure it is in the blood! It enables me to add and subtract as many times as I like. Pure Freedom!

4900_ten shades of grey

What is your one fave character in a movie you would like to be for a day in real life?

Penelope Cruz as Maria Elena in Vicky Christina Barcelona, her fire, passion, accent and the European way of life!

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What’s up next in 2015?

LifeInstyle Melbourne with the amazing crew at Greenhouse Interiors. Such a great event surrounded with such creative people.

And…looking at an Art Exhibtion in Sydney for the end of the year, as well as working on some overseas opportunities.


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