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Meet…Adam Jones of Quercus & Co.

Stacey by Stacey
November 18th, 2014

It’s fair to say I may have gone TOTALLY overboard with Quercus & Co. prints in my house (and I still want more) but every day I look at them I love them even more so I thought maybe you guys would too…so I stalked the raddest man of all Adam Jones, the founder of Quercus & Co. Launched in 2012 clearly this brand has gone gang busters and it’s easy to see why. Quercus & Co. is a wallpaper design and printing company based in Sydney. Full of mind blowingly gorgeous patterns and colour – the prints and wallpaper are more like ‘art-paper’ for walls rather than the traditional type of wallpaper. AND now we introduce and help launch Quercus & Co’s new fabric range…yehaaa!!! Which means, upholstery, cushions and more…

We are beyond excited for you to read our chat with Adam. Adam has 20 years experience in exploring pattern and colour – he has been a teacher, worked for over 10 years as a colourist and consultant for Porters Paints and is also a decorative painter. Phew…I’m exhausted just imagining painting and drawing so much…I will stop…read on, it’s soooo worth it.

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Tell us your background and how it came about that you created Quercus & Co?

I studied Textile Art in London many years ago – it was the 80s and a very conceptual period in art where decoration was dismissed – although I was passionate about the work I was making at the time, it’s only in hindsight that I wonder if I was better suited to a more traditional textile training.

At one point I was working in a wallpaper and paint shop in Clapham and surprisingly loved it. Later in Australia I worked for Porters Paints and chose to study colour in as many ways as possible. I worked as a colour consultant, a decorative painter and taught colour and design at UTS for a few years.

In 2000 I took a career side-track and founded landscape design company Spirit Level with my then partner Hugh Main. My love of colour and pattern never wained though once the idea for Quercus & Co took hold, it became something I had to do.

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Your collection is incredible, tell us about the process of creating new pieces?

Inspiration for the patterns comes from different perspectives: how will this look on the wall and how do I create it. At the outset I always consider how it will be drawn or painted. I love the ‘surface’ of the designs – how the ink washes into the background or blobs into darker patches, the scratchy nature of pencil or chalk or the translucency of watercolour. For the big picture – when the wallpaper is installed – I’m looking to create a painterly, hand-crafted and engaging environment. There’s absolutely nothing practical about the product I design but simply put – it’s intended to delight, be playful and make a connection with the space.


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classic white interior whit mirrors

You are the co-founder of Spirit Level – a landscape design company, how do you juggle your time…tell us a typical day in the life of Adam?

I was a co-director at Spirit Level for 12 years. I started the company with Hugh Main who continues to produce brilliant gardens. As much as I love all things botanical it’s pattern and colour that I feel most passion for. I did naively think I could manage both workloads side by side but that didn’t last long! A typical day at Quercus & Co. will include attending to all emails, enquiries, quotes etc; the printing and despatch of orders and working on whatever stage the design/product cycle is at. It takes up to six months from design concept to finished launched product. It’s a long process and apart from drawing, design and pattern making, all the product images need to be made, style shots, photo renders, samples, collection books, website updates, press releases, marketing, catalogues and promotions. It’s a huge game and I love it!



What’s up next for Quercus & Co?

We’re about to launch our first range of fabric, which is absolutely thrilling. I can’t quite believe I’ve made it to this stage so quickly. The fabric, like the wallpaper, will be sold to the trade through our distributor Tigger Hall Design. Tigger has been an inspiration and a gem to work with, she has huge energy and determination – when she say’s ‘we’re taking this to the world’, I truly believe her (watch this space!).




What is your fave piece at the moment that everyone should own?

Well, once you see our new colour chart cushions (on sale in November) this suggestion may become quickly outdated but until then, my favourite is the watercolour art print ‘Amaranth to Copper’.



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Our site is all about showing people things and telling them about it…it could be something near and dear to you, something that inspires you, something you could never live without…?

This is a piece of Textile Art by a friend of mine Clyde Olliver who I rarely catch up with. He lives in the Lake District in the North of England and stitches, literally, into stone. This piece is called Welsh Quilt and is made of slate from an old Welsh quarry. It’s made up of 12 pieces, on each he has drawn outlines and broken patterns of the crockery seen on a traditional Welsh dresser. I’ve had this work for a few years and only recently mounted it to the wall. It’s a beautifully tactile piece, it reminds me of the Welsh landscape and of my dear friend Olly!

This is my fave piece of Adam’s…Quercus&Co


Stay tuned for our amazing Christmas Giveaway featuring this exact wall hanging…WOOOP!!!!

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