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This beauty product is under $10 and will CHANGE your life

Brooke by Brooke
February 5th, 2016

This is no joke my fellow make-up maidens – and I know there are a few of you out there. In fact, this is very serious and life saving business.

Firstly, I should put a little disclaimer out there to let you know that I am a little embarrassed to admit how much money I fork out on beauty products some months. I won’t go to into an actual dollar amount for fear of divorce but I’ll just say it’s a lot. And man can I go through that stuff quickly. So when I heard that there is a new wonder product that acts as a primer (for those of you that don’t know what this, it’s a wonder cream that you pop on under your make up and it makes it last all day long), and that it’s under $10,  I lost my shit. Adding to this excitement overload is that I can also steal this item from my husband. So what is the little miracle worker you ask?

It’s Nivea Men’s post-shaving balm. Yep shaving balm. Beauty writers and editors around the country are going nuts for it. They claim because the product contains glycerine, it helps makeup stay on much longer than traditional primers.

The trend started by YouTube beauty vlogger Nikki Tutorials who stumbled onto the men’s post shave product by accident when she forgot to bring her regular primer  to her boyfriend’s house so instead she tried her boyfriend’s Nivea post shave balm out of desperation. Later in the day she realised that her makeup hadn’t moved and still looked perfect. She was a tad excited.

‘I tried it on and did my makeup. I realised how my makeup looked flawless all day long and thought is this because of the Nivea Men’s after shave balm? I looked up the ingredients and the second most used ingredient in the after shave balm is glycerine. What does glycerine do? It’s going to make whatever you put on your face stick to it;’ Nikki said.


Nikkie from Niikie Tutorials, the woman we all have to thank for this little gem. We salute you Nikkie.

And beauty enthusiasts around the world took note, tried it, and loved it. They claim it’s the bees knees, even better than the pricey high-end primers.

I have already raided my husband’s bathroom cabinet and to my horror there is none there but it’s okay everyone, I’ll pop past by them chemist tomorrow. I suggest you do too.  And if you do, please report back!

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