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The fashion we ALL rocked in the 80’s…

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
April 5th, 2018

The 1980’s were a decade that were determined never to be forgotten. From Kylie aka Charlene rocking down the aisle to meet her forever love Scott, wearing gyp in her hair, to the music that is all secretly still on our Spotify lists, the 80’s rocked – big time! Everything was bigger and better, especially hair – however NOTHING brings back the 80’s memories faster than the fashion. Here are some of our fave fashion items that if we didn’t already own, we were saving our pennies from our weekend jobs at Macca’s to buy next:

shell suits

Shell suits

From mums and dads to teenagers to the cover of Dolly – there was nowhere the shell suit couldn’t go in the 80’s.

scrunchie paula abdul


They went best with big hair, a tight perm or a high pony aka Madonna, Paula Abdul or any of the Full House cast.



The humble dress could be turned into an extravaganza just by adding 576 ruffles. And a bit of ruching didn’t hurt either.


Logo tee

These were the days that sporting where your clothes were bought from was WAY more important than how the clothes looked. Esprit, Sportsgirl, Country Road or any surfing brand would do.

shoulder pads

Shoulder pads 

I’m pretty sure it was illegal to wear a blazer in the 80’s without ginormous shoulder pads.


Acid wash

My personal fave 80’s fashion item would have to be my black acid wash tight skirt with a ruffle. I had the PERFECT acid wash denim jacket in blue to pair it with. I actually can’t believe my parents let me out of the house.

lyrca neon


Go hard or go home – from bangles to bike shorts to aerobic outfits, neon will forever be associated with best the 80’s had to offer.

swatch watch

Swatch watch 

No 80’s outfit was complete without a Swatch watch; oh, the agony of trying to decide which one!

leg warmers

Leg warmers 

They kept your legs warm and they added a bit of cool to your school. Aerobics optional.

What was your all time favourite 80’s fashion item?

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