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Could this be the best pimple popping fix ever!?!

Monty by Monty
August 18th, 2018

I’m one of those sickos who salivates over pimple popping. I fucking love it hard. But when it comes to the ol’ squeeze, you firmly fall into one category when it comes to this topic. The fuck no and the fuck yes! Watching YouTube clips of people getting right in there and popping their beasts makes me giddy!

Nothing excites me more than an ingrown hair on my body and when they occur I savor the experience of popping and plucking. I wish I had a beard so they would sprout more frequently.

I have no idea why I love watching other people pop pimples so much but it truly is the fucking best. I know I’m not alone cause recently articles have been flying around about how Dr Pimple Popper is worth a bucket load. Her YouTube hits are mammoth, her social media following is through the roof and foul pigs like myself can’t get enough of her rottenly fabulous videos. BUT you guyz, I only just found out that she collaborated on a game called Pete’s Pimple and it looks EPIC.

It’s kinda like the game Operation but you have to carefully extract pus from the pimples on poor Pete’s mug and if you make a wrong move the mammoth nose pimple squirts you. Glorious.
I know what is going on my Santa list this year.
You can get the game from here if your little heart desires or just sit back and enjoy some brilliant pimple popping videos below.