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This is the ONLY shopping website you need to know about!

Brooke by Brooke
September 14th, 2016

I am going to share my new online shopping addiction with you and I know it’s going to become your new obsession too, how do I know such a thing? Because everyone I have told is now just as hooked with this little shopping gem as I am. Because BARGAINNNN!

These days any kind of shopping that involves leaving the couch and wearing something other than PJs doesn’t interest me.  Being a seasoned online shopper, I thought I knew every clothes site there was and then BANG! Along came this bad boy. And,  it’s CHEAP. Like, you can order five things for $120 kinda cheap. And that doesn’t mean the clothes are bad quality and will shrink after the first wear, nope, the clothes are awesome. Every time I wear something from this site  I get asked where it’s from and I’m not ashamed to say I paid $15 bucks for it, in fact I’m proud as punch.

It’s called and it’s a little piece of heaven. The prints, styles and fabrics are yummy and your cart will be over-flowing more than your wine glass on a Friday night. And if your wine ‘aint flowing on a Friday night, I don’t know you and I take this secret back.

So get on to it lady loves and enjoy! B xx

Where are your favourite places to shop online?

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