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This new way to remove fake tan is THE BOMB

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 9th, 2019

Of all the beauty breakthroughs over the past few decades, fake tan has gotta be my number one. I know that loving yo’self exactly as you are is important, but so is honesty – and I don’t like being pale. I feel eleventy million bajillion times better with a touch of golden goodness to my skin and I’m not gonna feel bad for saying it.

Over the years, the formulas have become virtually streak-free and the shades are as believably sun-kissed as you can get. That said, I just don’t get how no one has come out with a product that EASILY and effectively gets that pigment off your skin without stinky chemicals or sweaty scrubbing. There’s no doubt about it – removing fake tan is the ass-wiping equivalent of your beauty routine.

So you can imagine how goddamn excited I am at the news that three very clever sisters in Ireland have invented a BATH BOMB that removes that week-old patchy tan off your skin… and all you’ve gotta do is lay back and relax like the total qween you are.

As creators of the Lusso Tan brand and owners of The Secret Day Spa in Belfast, sisters Lynsey, Leah and Sarah knew there was gap in the market for easy fake tan removal so came up with the Lusso Tan Bath Bomb. Speaking to Belfast Live, Lynsey said she wanted to create something that was not only gentler on the skin than the current options, but also nourished it at the same time.

now these are some useful balls!

“The girls at the spa are obsessed with bath bombs, they buy them for birthdays, Christmas, leaving presents, everything and we were all talking saying, ‘what if it could take your tan off at the same time?’, because they tan every single week and that’s where the idea was born,” Lynsey explained. So, they set about getting the formula justtttttt right and landed at a combo that is packed with good stuff like avo oil, lemon essential oil, witch hazel and jojoba oil.

One bath bomb is generally good for two removals, so all you’ve got to do is run yourself a bath, break that baby in two, slip yourself in and take in that glorious lemon and grapefruit oil scent while it goes to work melting away your tan. I mean, while you’re at it, it’d be silly not to pour yourself a vino and indulge in a good book… ‘cos while you only need ten minutes, the longer you soak, the better the results.

The gals from Lusso Tan suggest not rinsing the oils off after your soak, but rather letting that goodness penetrate into your skin overnight for max benefits and perfecto prep before you wash off the next day and re-apply your sunless bake.

I mean, as far as inventions go, this one might even beat the telephone.

The Lusso Tan Bath Bomb will set you back £8.50 per bomb and you can find out more online here.

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