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The eyeliner we all desperately need

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 7th, 2019

When it comes to makeup bag staples, eyeliner is up there with the likes of mascara and a killer lippie – but it can be tricky to find ‘the one’ that does all the things a great eyeliner should do. Finding an affordable option if you’re watching your pennies can make the search even harder.

HOWEVER. I have recently come across a liner that is THE BUSINESS and deserves pride of place in every woman’s kit. Not only is it from an Aussie brand, you can snap one up for under $15 bucks. That’s less than lunch.

In its pretty new packaging Image: ModelCo

Say hello to ModelCo’s Waterproof Eyedefine Liner, which is literally everything you’ve ever wanted in an eyeliner. I’m talking inky-black, highly pigmented goodness that glides on like a silky bloody dream thanks to its super creamy gel-like texture – and ‘cos it’s a pencil, there’s no need to fuss around with brushes.

The thing that really sets this beauty apart from the others is the staying power. This thing rocks out like Lionel Richie and lasts ALL NIGHT LONG. Once it has set it does not budge, which means no weird cracking or flaking or smudging that you can often get after a few hours’ wear. You’ve got a little bit of play time with this one before it sets down too, so if you prefer a smudgier look to your liner you can whack it on, buff it out a bit and then let it do its thing. It makes a great base for an intense smokey eye and can be used in the waterline (the inner rim of your eye) without disappearing 25 seconds after a few blinks like so many others.

Smokey-eyed perfection

One thing to keep in mind is that because of its long-wearing formula, it isn’t just going to wash off with water – you’ll have to call in the big guns and use a cotton pad soaked in eye make up remover to get it off, but it’s a small price to pay. And you should be taking your make up off before bed anyway, right?

Perhaps the best bit of all is that you can pick this baby up from Woolies (where it’s HALF PRICE right now), which means you can chuck it in your trolley as part of the weekly shop.  It’s also available online at ModelCo, at Chemist Warehouse and heaps of other places.

Side note: I think ModelCo is going through a bit of a cosmetics re-brand at the mo, so if you can’t find the original in the standard packaging, look out for it in their new ‘MCo’ label in light pink packaging as shown. 

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