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The perfect Mother’s Day gift for naughty mums

Shannon Kelly by Shannon Kelly
April 16th, 2018

If you don’t like doodle jokes, excessive reference to nipple erections and moderate-high swearing then turn away now and set fire to your device. If those things tickle your fancy, then we have the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for you to present to your mamma.

Shannon’s Kitchen: Healthy Food You’ll Actually F**king Eat is a cookbook that is full of nutritious recipes and hilarious stories. It’s not for the prudish among us, so perhaps don’t give it to your mum if she’s so uptight she hasn’t popped off since the 70s, unless of course you want a smacked bottom.

Some of the goodness you'll get within the pages. YUM!

Some of the goodness you’ll get within the pages. YUM!

Written by Shannon Kelly White, a nurse/mum/d*ckhead, this book contains 60 healthy recipes and each one is rated on how many f**ks you need to give, and how erect your nipples will go when you taste the dish. Classy AF, right? Well, Zoë Foster Blake has endorsed it: “This book is completely inappropriate and vulgar – which is exactly why I love it. Shannon has disrupted a saturated and overly earnest genre with her unique medley of filthy language, humour and delicious recipes. I give it a 15/10 f**ks.” If it’s good enough for Zoë, it’s good enough for us. Shannon’s Kitchen sold out TWICE before Chrissie, so don’t piss-fart around and disappoint your poor mother. She deserves some fun this Mother’s Day, just think of what you did to her privates on your way out – you owe it to her.

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