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This tip will change how you use dry shampoo forever

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 21st, 2019

We all know that feeling of waking up with roots that feel oilier than the top of a jar of peanut butter. We know we should probably lather our locks the old fashioned way in the shower, but some days, the CBF level is high and we’d much rather hit snooze for an extra ten than do a full ‘poo. On those mornings, we say a quiet prayer to the gods of dry shampoo and spray that shit all over the joint… ‘cos NOBODY wants limp hair with oil stank. Nobody.

I’m not sure how you use your dry shampoo, but when I crack out the powdery goodness, I generally spray it on my roots, leave it for a minute (ok, more like 30 seconds) and ruffle it in with my hands to distribute. Turns out, in order for your dry shampoo to work its full magic, it needs to be on WAY longer than that. Who bloody knew?

According to TikTok user @corascamera, the best way to use your dry shampoo is like this:

“Take your favourite dry shampoo and spray it very generously at your roots… and then you’re gonna leave it on for like five or 10 minutes,” she says, which is perfect timing to whack on some mascara and shovel a piece of toast in your gob. Once you’ve done that, she advises to give your roots a good rub and then run a brush through your hair to get the shampoo nice and evenly distributed.  If you’re feeling a little extra, she suggested following up with a bit of dry conditioner.

Makes sense. Happy ‘pooing.

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