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Meet the best brow pencil I’ve ever used… and it’s under 15 bucks!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 2nd, 2019

When I got married, I forked out some serious cash to hire the best make up artist I could find to work her magic on my wedding face. She came through with the goods in every area but one… and it was a disaster that has stuck with me ever since.

As I sat in her make up chair downing approximately 642 champagnes, it sorta felt like she was spending a hell of a lot of time plucking away at my eyebrows. I’m not sure why – maybe she wasn’t a fan of my natural brows – but “who cares?!” I thought as I looked at my reflection in the mirror when she was finished.  I was bloody THRILLED… my brows had the best shape of their little lives, complete with a beautifully defined arch I’d never sported before.

Later that night, as I slipped out of my dress and started washing my make up off in the fancy hotel sink, I was confronted with something I’d never seen before. Ms Make-Up lady had taken off almost ALL of my brows except for a teeny tiny line that sat in a sad row, mourning their lost friends. And it wasn’t even the 90’s. Take a look…

on my honeymoon. my brows were cold.


That was 15 years ago and my brows never recovered. Sure, they grew back, but they’ve always been a bit sparse and patchy, which is surprising considering I sprout hair like a werewolf everywhere else.

Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying loads of brow products over the years and I’m pretty confident that I’ve found my forever lover… and it’s under $15.

the shiz

If you haven’t met Maybelline Eye Studio Micro Brow Pencil ($13.95 but currently on sale at both Priceline and Chemist Warehouse so it’ll cost you under $9), then allow me to introduce you. The magic of this baby lies in its itty bitty tip, which at only 1.5mm, allows you to get super detailed with realistic, hair-like flicks. It’s potent enough to give you a good pay off, but not too creamy that it smudges or gives you shoe polish brows. It’s got a spoolie on one end to brush through your handy work for a nice, soft finish and if you’re a blonde who struggles to find a pencil that doesn’t have a super warm/reddish undertone, then this is your gal. It’s also retractable, so no sharpening required.

This post isn’t sponsored, just a shout-out to a damn good product that is cheap as chips, easily accessible (Priceline and Chem Warehouse) and WORKS!

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