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The BEST fake tan you will ever find!

Monty by Monty
December 5th, 2016

I am not an expert in any area but something I do pride myself on is having some serious knowledge which may borderline onto expertise in the fake tan department. I am a bonafide fake tan addict. I am so pale that if I do not have fake tan lathered on my body, without fail I get asked if I am feeling unwell. I’m so pale that I am basically translucent. I wish I could just embrace the white but I can’t. It isn’t the beautiful milky white of Nicole Kidman, it is sickly white. It ain’t pretty.

Before we knew solariums were so bad for us I was laying in one several times a week. I would lather on tan enhancers as well and lay there frying my skin until it was golden brown. I wont lie I loved it. Besides the fact that they are now illegal, I would never go in one. I never sun bake now and hide away from the sun so much I am vitamin D deficnet. I went from one extreme to another.

So since sun/solarium baking is a massive no no, fake tan and I have become well acquainted.

I have flirted with many brands over the years and have had more disasters than I care to remember. I wanted to share what brands I am currently playing with. I love all three of them and have them all on hand (or in my bathroom) at all times. I tan several times a week, face and all. Addict indeed. So if you rely on the golden goodness, give these ones a crack. Would love to hear what you use too. ALWAYS use a fake tan mitt, goes on a lot more even. I am yet to fully master it but getting closer. I also put all of these on after a shower at night and wash it off in the morning.

1. St Tropez Self Tan Luxury Dry Oil. $49.95 (expensive but worth it)

This one is nice. Real nice. It dries straight away and is a great colour. There is also a smaller bottle that is just for the face. However I use this for my face as well.


2. Summer Tan. $19.95.

This is an oldie but a goody. It is like a dark brown cream. It is easy to put on with the mitt and even the dark one is not too dark. I often put on a couple of layers of this one.

summer tan

3. Le Tan Self Tanning Foam with Coconut oil. $19.95

This one is brand new and it is currently my fave. It goes on really dark so you can easily see how even it is on your body. It also lasts the longest. This is the darkest out of these three. Don’t pop too much on your face because it does go pretty dark. I love it though.

fake tan

What is your fave fake tan?

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