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For all the fake tan lovers…THIS is how you save your sheets!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 1st, 2019

A great self tan can leave you feeling a million bucks… but it can also eff up your white bed sheets big time. Next to streaking and the pong of a fresh fake bake, brown-stained sheets are one of the few big downfalls of self tan for those of us who like to marinate in it overnight.

‘Til now.

remember when chrissy teigen put this beauty on her snapchat?

I’m not sure HOW this life-changing tip escaped my radar, but now that I know it, I will share it far and wide. ‘Cos the people deserve safely tanned skin AND crisp white sheets, right?

Mega self tan brands Bondi Sands and Mine Tan have both shared this tip – and those guys know their shit when it comes to bronzing up.

So here it is… grab a big, fluffy make up brush and dust over your tan with baby powder before slipping in between the sheets. Think of it in the same way as a setting powder you’d use on your face to lock in your foundation. The powder prevents your body’s sweat from lifting the tan off your skin and transferring onto the sheets and another perk is that the powder will also help eliminate that revolting, sticky feeling you can get from some self tanners.

Told ya. Life changing.

Mel shared her epic fake tan fail with Monty and Stace on the episode of Show+Telling below. Have a listen, then come subscribe for more hilarity here.