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Fogged-up glasses are fucked!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 21st, 2020

If you’re living in Victoria at the moment, you’ll be well aware that wearing a face mask in public is mandatory as of tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 11.59pm. If you’re a real clever cookie, you’ve probably been sporting one out and about for the last week or so.

Quite a few people have been getting their knickers in a knot over this new rule that, you know, aims to keep us all safe and restore some kind of normality to our lives ASAP, but that doesn’t stop the sookie-sookie-la-las complaining.

I’ll agree that face masks are kinda annoying. NO ONE enjoys breathing in their own hot breath (especially if you downed a few slices of garlic bread with your comfort spag bol last night) but the thing is, the inability to actually breathe like many struck down by COVID is WAY more inconvenient. So wear a mask, ‘kay? Good.

There is one group of the mask-wearing public that has it a little tougher than others – and that’s the glass wearers. The fogging up of the specs is real and irritating BUT there are a couple of ways to combat it so those lenses stay clear as crystal while you’re picking up your essentials.

First comes courtesy of Julia Morris, who posted a tutorial on Insta yesterday…

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Best steamy-glasses-mask hack ever thanks to @winkoptom #steamywindows jx

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While Julia swears by the tip above (that she picked up from Wink Optometrists), a YouTuber by the name of Doctor Eye Health reckons he’s had no luck with any methods – except for the one he shares below. Basically, using surgical tape (look for hypo-allergenic) to seal the top-edge of your mask to your face (across the top of your nose) works like a dream to stop your breath from escaping out the upper part of your mask and fogging up your specs. You can see the tip in action below at the 1.23 mark.

Mask up, stay safe and hope this helps.

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