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The $30 jeans you need in your wardrobe

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
June 5th, 2018

Shopping for jeans can be the pits. To me, it sorta feels like buying swimwear; you want something flattering, that looks cool, suits your shape and is above all, comfy. And for a good chunk of us, price is also a factor. I don’t want to spend half a week’s wage on denim and to be honest, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse what that label says. If they look and feel good, then those jeans are coming home with me.

Lucky for us, there is a pair of jeans out there that I dare say would look great on every body shape, are just as comfortable as active wear (read: high waisted with just the right amount of stretch) and are so reasonably priced that you’d be mad not to buy multiples. Say hello to the ‘Sophie’ jean from the all-round fabulous Target – the happy place where you can drop in for a pair of tights and walk out with a fully furnished house and body to boot.

The best bit is the Sophie jean will only set you back just 30 bucks, or $35 if you want the distressed style. They come in a range of lengths, from ankle length (perfect for trans-seasonal wear), full length and cropped, as well as a selection of different styles from distressed to coated to the ‘biker’ style. So whatever floats your jean-wearing boat, you’re covered. Even better, the distressed style comes in four awesome colours – mid-wash, black, khaki and blush pink – and for the price, you can pick up a pair of each!

Team them with sneakers, a killer pair of heels or just an out-the-door pair of flats and you’re done for the day! Check them out in action…

Image: Instagram @trashtotreasured


Image: Target Australia

Image: Target Australia

Image: Instagram @thisisashrose

The Sophie jean ranges from sizes 6 to 18.

This isn’t a sponsored post, just a public service announcement. You’re welcome.

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