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These eyebrows are like nothing you’ve ever seen

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 14th, 2019

When it comes to brows, so many of us have spent a whole lotta time and a whole lotta cash getting them exactly as we want. After all those years of plucking them pencil thin in the 90’s and early 2000’sthe last few years have seen us hit ‘peak brow’ with threading, microblading, and filling ‘em in each morning with brow pencil/powder/gel are just a few of the many options we’ve explored in the quest for the perfect arches.

What we rarely see though, is someone workin’ their natural brows.

That’s why you’ve got to meet Sophia Hadjipanteli, a 22-year-old model who has the most spectacular unibrow you’ve ever seen. Soph loves and flaunts her beloved caterpillars all over Insta and is super proud of the the individual look the brows she’s nicknamed ‘Veronika’ have given her. Take a look at these incred pics from Sophia’s socials…

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Image: Instagram @sophiahadjipanteli

Now, Sophia’s distinct brows (which she dyes black for max impact) certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. They aren’t personally my fave look, but who cares what I think? I give her all the claps for rocking what SHE likes, regardless of others’ opinions… and people certainly haven’t been backwards in coming forwards in giving them to her.

In fact, people have been total arseholes about it. During an interview on Good Morning Britain, Sophia spoke to the hosts about her distinctive look and receiving death threats online, which you can watch below…

“I get a lot of death threats funnily enough, I guess it’s not that funny,” she told them. “I definitely get a lot of negative reactions, I’m not going to sit here and say a lot of them are positive because that’s obviously not the case. Most are negative.”

“It’s disgusting but then in a way you think how is it that something, somewhere, someone has told this person that it is so unacceptable to look the way I do that it infuriates them to the point they have to threaten my life.

“We are being brought up in a society that not only favours, but encourages people to go down one road.”

Amen, sister.

It feels so foreign to most of us that people would actually take the time to leave a nasty comment all because of how someone has chosen to groom herself. It seems insane really.

Sophia is clearly having the last laugh though, with her gorgeously unique face gracing the pages of Vogue Italia, Rihanna’s SAVAGE X FENTY collab and Chanel. She’s also started the #UnibrowMovement on Insta, encouraging her 310,000-strong followers to share snaps celebrating and flaunting their beloved bushy brows.

Here are some of those…

Image: Instagram @lou.bilfon

Image: Instagram @ filipinogrndma

Image: Instagram @ asisipho_zihle

Image: Instagram @ unibrhoe

Image: Instagram @ mashia_anjum

Image: Instagram @ loladimarzio

Image: Instagram @ florenciahearts

You can follow Sophia on Instagram here.

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