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Two super simple food tips that we never would have thought about

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
February 27th, 2017

Whoever invented the cupcake deserves Albert Einstein-style accolades in my book. While E=MC2 is probably pretty important (what does that even mean?), it doesn’t compare to the thrill of the sweet, heavenly goodness of the perfect cupcake sliding down your throat. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re pretty, they’re portable and when baked just right, their moist (sorry!) deliciousness is five minutes of pure bliss.

There’s only one thing that has always annoyed me about cupcakes, and it’s the icing placement. Having it perched on top is ALL WRONG because inevitably, your final bites are always the bottom, cake-only bit. I usually eat my cupcakes from the bottom-up to save the best bit for last, but having to ingest any piece devoid of icing is just plain unfair.

This hack is pure genius and allows the perfect cake-to-icing ratio in each bite. In the name of research I tried it out – and you’re left with what is essentially a cupcake hamburger. Every bite gets some frosting love. You’ll never eat a cupcake the old way again…

Simply slice the bottom portion of your cupcake off  at around the half way point, and then sit it on top of the frosting. So now, your frosting is in the middle instead of the top and all is perfect in the world.

This has CHANGED MY WORLD!! It's cupcake perfection.

This has CHANGED MY WORLD!! It’s cupcake perfection.

Left-over pizza is something most of us have lurking somewhere in our fridge from time to time. Because I’m a pig, I’ll often just eat it cold and straight from the fridge because I CBF chucking it in the oven, and microwaving it always leaves it too soggy….and we all know soggy pizza is shite.

So how do you resurrect left-over pizza?

You PUT IT IN A SANDWICH PRESS and toast that little mofo to create the most delicious toastie of your lifetime, that’s what you do. Just think – cheesy, pizza-flavoured deliciousness on the inside, crispy pizza crust on the outside. It’s the ultimate left-over meal that may even beat actual pizza.

Ideally, you’ll stack two slices (topping sides together) and lay it on a sandwich press. Close the lid and wait til you hear the cheese bubbling (yummmmm) and the crust gets all nice and crispy. The hardest part about this whole process is waiting for the insides to cool before you bog in.  Trust us, you’ve got to order pizza tonight just so you can have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

BEHOLD! The Poastie: the pizza/toastie. Even better than fresh pizza.

BEHOLD! The Poastie aka the pizza/toastie. Even better than fresh pizza.

What’s your best-ever food hack?

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