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This super cheap cleaning hack trumps them all!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 24th, 2019

Cleaning is the worst. I know there are some people on this planet who thrive off cleaning and ordering their home, but I find the weekly clean the most tedious, annoying hours of my week. It’s sort of like exercise to me; I DESPISE it while I’m doing it, but feel like a million bucks once its done.

This is why it feels a little weird that recently, my whole attitude to cleaning has done a complete 180… and it’s all thanks to an enthusiastic, super-clean Brit called Sophie Hinchliffe.

Mrs Hinch and her much-loved ‘Minky’

Sophie, better known as ‘Mrs Hinch’ to her 2.1 MILLION Insta followers, is making a sweet living showing us how to tackle the dust and general filth in our homes with her infectiously motivated vids and of course, some seriously inspiring snaps of her immaculate pad. She calls all her cleaning supplies by name, which include gloves called ‘Gregory,’ dusters called ‘Dave’ and of course, her beloved sponge, ‘Minky.’ After a deep dive into her videos, I was so inspired that I spent all weekend ‘Hinching’ my joint and it is lookin’ F.I.N.E. Of course, no one is allowed to cook, eat or even breathe inside anymore, but it’s totally worth it.

She recently shared a killer tip for cleaning the carpets that is not only cheap as chips, but tackles those annoying joins where the carpet and skirting boards meet that the vac just doesn’t hit properly.

The magic tool you’ll need? A humble squeegee, which you can readily snap up for a few coins at your local Woolies or $2 shop. By rubbing the squeegee along your carpet, you’ll unearth all sorts of rank stuff that your vac just can’t. Think dust, dirt and HAIR of both the pet and human variety.

Not convinced? Check out these pics shared to Mrs Hinch’s page…

Image: Instagram @together_at_home

Image: Instagram @jenna_l_willis

Image: Instagram @littlemermaiddanni

Image: Instagram @mrshinchhome

Mrs Hinch has heaps more cleaning tips and tricks up her sleeve, which you can find on her Insta page here.

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